This Dutch boyband really wants Britain to stay in the EU

“Britain Come Back” might not include top-notch vocals, but it’s the effort that counts, right?

The Breunion Boys have certainly given their ‘no to Brexit’ tune some serious thought, as they reflect on the chaos of Britain leaving the EU, “There has always been a sea between us / But we used to sail it together / But now you’re leaving we’re falling apart.”

The Dutch quintet go on to plead Britain “to come back”, adding, “It’s not too late to turn around” – all in time to their stunning beach choreography (hats off to Flavia Faas).

Breunion Boys was started by Dutch animation artist Julia Veldma. Reuters report that she created the band in a “final, desperate, ultimate attempt” to put a halt to Brexit before Britain’s departure date from the EU on 29 March 2019.

Expanding on why he got involved, band member Joshua Alagbe explains, “Look how angry many Brits are towards the EU and how many Europeans are angry towards Britain for leaving. I think this emotion should be answered. We are kind of an answer to the emotion.”

Their website delivers a heartfelt message to all Brits, “We are the Breunion Boys. And we are heartbroken. Ever since Brexit happened we wondered if we could do anything, anything at all to prevent this break up from happening. The need to do something has brought us together. Britain, don’t despair! We have a plan. We’re going to release a hit single, and through the power of music, get you back.”

Britain has been conflicted in recent months over the decision to leave the European Union. Just last week Nadine Shah, Bill Ryder-Jones, Paloma Faith, and many more signed an open letter asking for a Brexit alternative. Earlier this week Blur and Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn backed an idea of handling Brexit with a “citizens assembly”.

You can’t really fault the Breunion Boys for their effort, and they certainly make us feel wanted. Check out their website.

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