There’s plans for Lollapalooza to come to the UK in the next few years

Lollapalooza currently has seven festivals, including Chicago, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Argentina, Chile, and Brazil.

Perry Farrell, the vocalist of Jane’s Addiction, and founder of the Lollapalooza festival franchise, has revealed that the UK is the next destination for his global music festival.

Speaking to NME about why he hasn’t held a Lollapalooza festival in the UK yet, Farrell said, “There are two overriding reasons for that. The first reason was that I didn’t want to come here until I had something that would be unique, that I felt I could contribute to your culture. It’s also a smart business move because I’m now going to crowd in on what you would call a bloody water – if there had been sharks in the water devouring the marketplace.”

Farrell added, “So I’m very, very close to having something extremely unique. In the next two or three years, I will give it a go.”

He also spoke about how he started the Lollapalooza festival, “Back then as a young poet, I was not only looking for rhymes but interesting words. I was doing what I normally do on a Tuesday and was on the carpet thumbing through the dictionary and just gaining words and vocabulary. I ran across ‘Lollapalooza’ – which means ‘something or someone wonderful or great’, and the second description was ‘a giant swirling lollipop’. So I used the analogy of swirling in the different styles of music with the different colours of races to make this beautiful thing.”

Lollapalooza Berlin is set to kick off from 7-8 September. Find out more.

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