Kelly Clarkson & Christina Aguilera Joke About Being ‘Separated at Birth’ While Bonding Over Their Careers

Christina Aguilera dropped by Kelly Clarkson’s new talk show, and the two bonded over their countless similarities: queens of pop ballads, loving 90’s music, being moms and growing up as females in the music industry.

“Everybody thinks that success, ‘Oh you must be the happiest person ever,’ but honestly, those are my darkest moments because you’re so busy and you’re just so down,” Clarkson explained while chatting about the 20th anniversary of Aguilera’s debut album.

“We are twins, we’re separated at birth,” X-Tina replied, agreeing with Clarkson’s sentiments. “You have the right to say no and that’s something they don’t teach you. Especially as young girls coming up in the business too. It’s a very male dominated industry.”

The dynamic duo then discussed Aguilera’s extended Las Vegas residency, and she suggested Clarkson come out to a show so they could sing a song together. Fingers crossed!

Check out the full interview below.

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