Janet Weiss Thanks Fans For GoFundMe Support

Janet Weiss is overwhelmed by the support from her fans as the former Sleater-Kinney drummer recovers from serious injuries suffered in a car accident earlier this month. After Weiss’ sister, Julie, started a GoFundMe earlier this week to support Janet and pay for what are expected to be significant medical bills, the drummer tweeted out a note of gratitude on Thursday (Aug. 29) to everyone who pitched in. 

“THANK YOU. Your generous outpouring of love, well wishes and financial support this past week has been life changing,” she wrote. “Your unflinching solidarity speaks volumes about who we are as a community — kind hearted, compassionate, and true. I will never forget this feeling of you having my back — it will keep me going when I’m afraid and inspire me to push harder when it hurts.” 

At press time the GoFundMe had raised $58,670 to help Weiss recover from a broken right leg and left collarbone. “Because she will be in a wheelchair and out of work for at least 3 months, she will need help with the costs insurance doesn’t cover, like: out-of-pocket medical bills, nursing care, physical therapy, the wheelchair ramp that was installed at her house, and paying for her monthly expenses while she can’t work,” her sister explained in the funding appeal.

The accident forced Weiss to cancel an upcoming tour with her bands Quasi and Slang. Janet thanked her supporters for raising well more than twice the original funding goal, as well as delivering “hundreds upon hundreds of messages of love and encouragement. Countless friends, fellow musicians, music publications and fans from all over shared the link — I just couldn’t believe my eyes,” she wrote. “My mind is blown and my heart is full and I am forever grateful for your help. Music has always been my vehicle for bringing people together and for creating a little world of collaboration, equality and kinship. This week that world got a LOT bigger! THANK YOU.”

She also announced that the GoFundMe had wrapped up on Thursday and that she promised to keep her fans and supporters updated on her journey back, which will include a planned surgery on Friday (Aug. 30) to install a metal plate onto her fractured collarbone.

See the full tweet below.

Weiss split with Sleater-Kinney in early July after playing with the group since 1996.

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