Fiona Apple says her new album will “be done soon”

In a new interview with Vulture, Fiona Apple has spoken about her new album plans.

When asked what she’s been up to since their previous interview (September 2019), Apple responds, “When it comes to the end of an album, it’s always a strange feeling. I’m happy with it, but I don’t know – everything that comes with when you put it out makes me want to step on the breaks. But I’m good.”

Expanding on the potential release date, Apple adds, “It’s really up to me. It’ll be done soon. It’s just I have to do artwork and stuff, and I’ve been dragging my feet a little bit. I don’t know. Sometime in a few months, I guess.”

Apple also says of a potential album title, “I know what the title is, but I’m not gonna say right now. [Laughs.] I’ve been thinking about colors and stuff, but I haven’t really done anything.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Apple speaks about her recent charity work and donations, and calls King Princess “My son Mikaela”.

Back in November, Apple teamed up with The Tippo Allstars to contribute “Your Molecular Structure” to the If You’re Going To The City: A Tribute to Mose Allison album.

Apple’s new album will be her first since 2012’s The Idler Wheel…..

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