Washington post office to be named after guitar legend Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix‘s hometown of Renton will rename a local post office to commemorate his musical talent and career.

Located in the outskirts of Seattle, the James Marshall Jimi Hendrix Post Office Building was first proposed back in July. Pitchfork report The House Committee passed the motion to honour the late musician last week.

The post office is on the same street where Hendrix grew up, and is only a short distance from Hendrix’s burial place at Greenwood Memorial Park.

Adam Smith, who proposed the original idea back in July, said it would be, “one more way we can celebrate the legacy of one of the greatest musicians of our time and the importance of the south Seattle and Renton areas in his enduring legacy.”

He added, “The Puget Sound Region is home to a museum that showcases Hendrix’s life and works, a park dedicated to his memory, and several memorials visited by thousands every year. This designation will further honour this iconic artist and his Seattle roots.”

The post office is located at 4301 Northeast 4th Street in Renton, and is one of many memorial sites to the musician in Seattle.

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