Trump’s State of the Union: Celebs React on Twitter

The wall. North Korea. Venezuela. The economy. “Partisan investigations”. Donald Trump ticked off the hot topics swirling around his government and asked America to “choose greatness” during his second State of the Union address, delivered Tuesday in Washington, D.C. and watched on by millions around the globe. 

Trump’s speech, at nearly 90 minutes, but delayed by the longest government shutdown in history, was met with the type of response that says much about the state of politics right now in the United States. The Republicans stood and applauded. The Democrats looked bewildered, unimpressed. What transpired on social networks, however, was anything but predictable as Twitter went into meme-overdrive.

A flood of Tweets obsessed over images of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi studying Trump’s notes and her icy looks at the president, the Democratic Party women’s “suffragette white” outfits, appearances by Buzz Aldrin and Alice Marie Johnson (who had been championed by Kim Kardashian-West), and much more. 

Artists and celebrities also weighed in, as the State of the Union trended on Twitter. Check out some of the reaction below.

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