Trevor Noah Targets R. Kelly Conflict and ‘Green Book’ Oscar Win

In his Monday night show, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah took a hit at R. Kelly, who left a Chicago jail after posting $100,000 bail today. Noah followed up with some Oscars commentary.

Referencing R. Kelly, Noah said, “It seems strange that they got him after all these years, you know? It’s like if Wile E. Coyote finally caught the Road Runner, who is also a criminal, by the way. That bird has been smuggling drugs across the border for years, and Trump’s border wall isn’t going to stop him either, he’ll just paint a wall and ‘beep beep’ right through it.”

Noah went on to say that he’s “genuinely shocked” that R. Kelly doesn’t have $100,000 for bail. “How is that possible? Now I think of his music completely differently; I thought ‘I Believe I can Fly’ was a song about believing in yourself. Turns out this mother f-cker couldn’t afford a plane ticket.”

Noting that R. Kelly “doesn’t have money” and is facing multiple charges, Noah said his best bet right now is to “pray.” The host then recognized that God has “hands full” right now — clips were promptly shown describing world and government conflicts.

Looking on to the Oscars, Noah noted Green Book’s Oscar win. “And then of course, there was the big news of the night. Green Book won best picture,” he said. He referenced social media’s comparisons of Green Book to 1989’s Driving Miss Daisy, in which Morgan Freeman is a chauffeur to Jessica Tandy in Atlanta.

“It’s being called the reverse Driving Miss Daisy,” Noah explained, “because the driver is white and the passenger is black.” He then joked, “and they drive in reverse, the whole movie.”

“Congratulations to almost all the winners of last night,” Noah concluded.

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