Tory Lanez ‘Forever’ Music Video: Watch

Tory Lanez gets caught up in a dangerous situation in his new video for “Forever,” released on Friday (Aug. 2).

The vignette portrays the rapper lounging with his crew, celebrating a massive cash income. “If you my dawg, then n—-, my dawg/Then we gon’ get money together/You go through a trial, you duckin’ the law/So f— it, we duckin’ together,” he raps about unconditional friendship and loyalty.

Unfortunately, the devotion only goes so far among the rapper’s inner circle. One of his friends rat him out to the feds, and the end of the video shows Tory getting taken to a cop car while the traitor smiles nearby.

Lanez’s Spanish album, Chixtape and the New Toronto compilation project are in the works for 2019. Watch the “Forever” video below.

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