The Martinez Brothers Share ‘Space Jams Vol. 1’ Mixtape: Listen

“To separate yourself as a DJ, you have to make your own edits.”

That’s the advice Danny Tenaglia gave The Martinez Brothers when they were just youngsters on the scene. The Bronx-born brother duo toured with house legends Dennis Ferrer, Erick Morillo and Louie Vega before they graduated high school. Nearly a decade later, the 20-something DJs and producers have become modern house and techno favorites, in many ways thanks to having taken that advice. Now, the Brothers share some of their most sought-after edits in a free-to-stream mixtape called Space Jams Vol. 1.

These 13 tracks are the secret sauce that makes a night with The Martinez Brothers so memorable. It’s a trippy collection of disco grooves, heady house beats, tropical infusion, funk sensuality and late-night feelings, featuring one-of-a-kind takes on tunes from Michael and Janet Jackson, Lil Yachty, D’Angelo and more.

“Some of those edits have become some of the most asked about tracks in our sets,” the Brothers are quoted in a joint statement. “We wanted to share some of our private stashes with the fans and DJs out there, because at the end of the day, the point of the music is to share it. We hope y’all enjoy and rock it loud.”

This is the heaping helping of jam your day and night needs most. Strap on a napkin and dive headfirst into Space Jams Vol. 1 below.

Space Jams Vol. 1 track list
1. Sir Speedy – Amor Con La Ropa (TMB Mix)
2. Smoking At Kendogs Interlude 
3. Chantel Curtis – Hitman (TMB Mix)
4. Michael Jackson – In The Closet (TMB Mix)
5. Dillas Donuts // Dooms Hoe Cake$ Interlude 
6. D’Angelo – Betray My Heart (TMB Mix)
7. War – Galaxy (TMB Mix)
8. 4 U Shaolin Traphouse
9. Lil Yachty Ft Lil Baby – Saint Laurent YSL (TMB Mix)
10. Fatback Band – Going To See My Baby (TMB Mix)
11. Odyssey – Use It Up & Wear It Out (TMB Mix)
12. Janet Jackson – What Have You Done For Me Lately (TMB Mix)
13. Space Jams End Credits

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