Talu give noughties indie-pop a fresh breath of life on “All Night, Alright”

Channeling aspects of Bombay Bicycle Club and Bastille’s earlier works, “All Night, Alright” is saturated with smooth vocals, indie guitar riffs and exuberant electronic tones. Through the use of twinkling synths, TALU modernise and adapt the 00’s indie sound, effortlessly reimagining the genre into something that is entirely their own.

The juxtaposition between the serious, heavier content of the lyrics and the upbeat, hook-infused instrumentation is something the band also showcased in their second single “Butterflew”, but this certainly isn’t to be seen as a negative – it is something that the trio present incredibly well within their music, and this polarity adds a whole other layer of depth and emotion to an already well-rounded, thought-provoking track.

“‘All Night, Alright’ is essentially about a couple who are both struggling with their mental health,” explains vocalist Will Martins. “They’re in a situation where depression has become the new norm, and they’ve both been bottling it up for a very long time. It’s a serious subject matter but it carries a positive message: it may take a long-time to get through the tough times, but they’re committed to working through it and not giving up”

“All Night, Alright” is out 1 March. Find TALU on Facebook.

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