Sydney’s GRAACE shares glistening pop gem “Have Fun At Your Party”

Intertwining soft, chilled melodies with pulsating disco beats, GRAACE has formulated a piece of melancholic pop gold with “Have Fun At Your Party”, showcasing her elegant, emotive storytelling.

Following her debut EP, GRAACE‘s latest release is an intimate look into the confusion of a rebound dating saga. The endearing ballad features her intimately soft vocals, lightly wrapping themselves around the warming synths.

Despite feeling almost sarcastic with a “do what you want” childish retaliation, “Have Fun At Your Party” provides a sense of vulnerability, something which GRAACE presents so effortlessly.

GRAACE explains: “I was ‘dating’ *I say that loosely* someone when I started writing this. We were both going through breakups and were both so confused about our mental states but also heavily relying on each other to pick each other up all the time.”

With GRAACE’s inimitable vocals and honest lyrics, the track is a classic in the making, perfect for soothing relationship doubts.

“Have Fun At Your Party” is out today. Find GRAACE on Facebook.

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