Scott is Okay debuts his own brand of sentimental pop on “Better”

Putting his past distresses under the microscope and combining that with an ethereal soundscape, Colcombe’s solo endeavour is the idyllic outlet for when dismalness becomes washed away in favour of a more hopeful outlook on the future.

“Better” is a warm, glimmering effort that takes a deep emotional grasp through its subdued, hazy synths drifting smoothly above Colcombe’s placid vocals and hopeful lyrics. The track treks along in a tranquil and stirring way, while an innate sense of optimism flows just under the dreamlike arrangements.

Lyrically, “Better” feels connected to an awareness of self-realisation and the idea of being ready to move on from a fractured or irreparable situation. The colourful amalgam of well-developed sonic tones channel lo-fi, experimental pop and indie-R&B, and this paired alongside authentic lyricism allows for “Better” to stand out amongst a vast arena of genre-blending artists.

“I wrote this track right after I finished uni,” Colcombe says. “All my friends were moving out or back home and I don’t really do well with big changes and it was a kind of hard time on me. I wrote a few songs and this ended up being the last of the bunch. I wanted it to feel skeptically optimistic, it was like I was telling myself it was getting better, even if I didn’t know it was yet.

“When I started playing this song to people it was really daunting and awkward. It was weird knowing I was basically inviting people in on stuff I never really talk about. I’m not really big on the whole ‘writing heals the soul’ type thing but when I wrote this song, it was a relief. It actually ending up helping me when I was going through a bit [of a] shit time.”

“Better” is out now. Find Scott is Okay on Facebook.

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