Roche Musique founder Cézaire teams up with Ayelle on the mesmerising “The Answer”

The sensual soundscape on “The Answer” comes on gradually, the building instrumentals and birdsong giving a gentle wake-up to the languid vocals of London-based but Swedish-Iranian artist Ayelle, creating a track that washes over you while still having a lingering impact.

Joining the ever-growing neo-soul wave with artists such as Pip Millett and Celeste, Cézaire and Ayelle’s track remains liminal, echoing the refrain “This could be utopia / or it could be hell / you decide”; the melodic vocals and hypnotic beats transport the listener into an almost otherworldly space.

Cézaire says of the partnership: “We met a year ago in Paris and we knew we had to do something together. I made this track with a retro R&B vibe and I knew that her voice would fit perfectly. ‘The Answer’ is about our quest on earth; whatever it is, we are attracted by a powerful force that leads us on our path.”

“The Answer” and Attraction are both out now. Find Cézaire on Facebook and Ayelle on Facebook.

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