Robyn’s Honey Tour Opener at Hollywood Palladium: Concert Recap

Going to a Robyn concert, there’s an expectation of a nonstop dance party. But adding standout songs from her most recent album, 2018’s reflective Honey, to her set list brought a new level of introspection to the dance floor during the first U.S. stop of her Honey Tour at the Hollywood Palladium, as part of the Red Bull Music Festival.

The most notable moment of this mood shift came toward the end of the concert, when the Swedish pop star smashed out the one-two-three punch of “Dancing on My Own,” Honey lead single “Missing U” and “Call Your Girlfriend,” leaving the crowd wondering what she could possibly do to follow up the endorphin-rush trifecta.

As it turned out, she didn’t even try to. Instead, she started her three-song encore with the existential and melancholic “Human Being,” which sees the former self-proclaimed Fembot declaring, actually, “I’m a human being.” If the barrage of hits was a euphoric night out, the encore — which also included “Every Heartbeat” and Kindness’ “Who Do You Love?” — was the morning after, where you start assessing your life choices and wondering if you’re surrounded by the right people and on the right path.

All this to say: A Robyn concert is so much more than a dance party — but, of course, there was still a whole lot of dancing. The Palladium’s general-admission floor was the ideal setting for the show, as evidenced below by Pentatonix’s Scott Hoying getting down to “Indestructible.” And Robyn herself barely stopped moving all night too, feeding off the crowd and her voguing backup dancer.

A major highlight of the show was 2015’s “Love Is Free” — the singer’s housey team-up with La Bagatelle Magique, which was the perfect holdover for fans during the eight-year wait between Robyn’s Body Talk EPs and Honey — followed by a freshly arranged take on Body Talk Pt. 1 intro track “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do.” Robyn’s band worked overtime, stepping up the star’s dancey arrangements with live bass and booming drums.

“This is our first show outside Scandinavia,” Robyn told the crowd toward the end of the show, in one of the only times she spoke all night. “Thank you for making it easy for me and for my band.”

Robyn’s Honey Tour continues Saturday (Feb. 23) with another night at the Palladium before wrapping up in Toronto next month.

Robyn’s set list for night 1 at the Hollywood Palladium:

Send to Robin Immediately
Hang With Me
Ever Again
Be Mine!
Because It’s in the Music
Between the Lines
Love Is Free
Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do
Dancing on My Own
Missing U
Call Your Girlfriend

Human Being
With Every Heartbeat
Who Do You Love?

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