NYC electronic pop duo REFS’ “Never Gonna Get Away” is a cascading summer anthem for cynics

Casting light on what we can expect from their upcoming sophomore EP, REFS have graced us with the vibrant electro-pop track “Never Gonna Get Away”. Showcasing psychedelic soundscapes, pulsating beats and harmonic vocal arrangement, the glitchy electronic melodies create a playful vibe among the funk-fuelled elements.

The track’s infectious production was in the hands of Zach Lipkins, while Rich Saunders provided the laid-back vocals (you might know him as Chance The Rapper’s tourmate).

Refs have conceived a song cascading with rich sounds and glowing energy, which they describe as a “kaleidoscopic existential-dread anthem for colorful misanthropes of all shapes and sizes”.

“Never Gonna Get Away” is out 2 August. Find Refs on Instagram.

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