Norwegian duo TAPE TRASH hail new beginnings with “Perfect Spring”

The aptly named – and not to mention incredibly well-timed – track, “Perfect Spring”, is a genre-spanning canvas which shows that TAPE TRASH are unafraid to play with styles. The verses draw parallels with the husky vocals from the realm of My Chemical Romance; listeners with an appetite for emo certainly won’t be disappointed. Pairing these nuances with the track’s rollicking drums and swelling undercurrent of bass, you wouldn’t go far wrong in filing TAPE TRASH’s debut single alongside their pop-punk contemporaries.

Yet you can take a look at “Perfect Spring” from another angle. The chant-worthy chorus and soft, melodic guitars argue a strong case for the track belonging to a far more indie territory. “Perfect Spring” certainly has a shape-shifting quality, it seems to mould itself to suit whichever dimension of rock you’re searching for.

One half of TAPE TRASH, Anders Magnor Killerud, formerly of Norwegian indie-pop band Team Me, said: “‘Perfect Spring’ is the outcome of an after-practice jam session from the time when me and Kristofer [Mathias Staxrud] played together in another band, and is today, very similar to what we improvised that evening. Right then and there, it felt to us, like the start of something new and exciting. You can say that the idea of TAPE TRASH was born that day.”

Spring is of course a time of new beginnings. There is no telling where TAPE TRASH will take them, but if ‘Perfect Spring’ is anything to go by, they are unconcerned. All the motivation they need, it would seem, is their shared love of music and the sheer fun of making it.

“Perfect Spring” is out now via Furuberget. Find TAPE TRASH on Facebook.

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