Mystery Jets’ new single “Hospital Radio” is inspired by the NHS and its future

The new single is Mystery Jets‘ first offering since 2016’s Curve Of The Earth record, and will be released to mark the 71st anniversary of the NHS.

Vocalist Blaine Harrison was born with spina bifida, and spends a lot of time in hospitals. He told the BBC, “I was taken ill and had to spend an extended period of time in hospital, which is a fairly regular occurrence for me due to my disability.”

On the new single, Harrison added, “I didn’t have an instrument with me in the hospital so I was really just writing lyrics. It [“Hospital Radio”] is a compound of several different failed songs which I ended up stitching together.”

Expanding on the new single, Harrison says, “My frustration and fears came from being wary and concerned about what the future of the NHS would hold, especially in the post-austerity era of cuts. One of the communities that have felt the most is the disabled community with living incomes being cut and people being reassessed. But also the older generation.”

Referring to his own experience of the NHS, Harrison adds, “I’ve genuinely only ever felt incredibly fortunate and filled with gratitude towards the treatment I’ve had in NHS hospitals and I’ve spent time in most of them in London and the south-east.”

“Hospital Radio” will be premiered on Steve Lamacq’s BBC 6 Music show tonight (8 July).

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