Live Report: Nilüfer Yanya, EartH, 09/04/2019

Stood beneath EartH’s cocave stage, smoke entwined itself around Nilüfer Yanya who, despite the excitement of a homecoming show, remained harmoniously humble.

Accompanied by short animated videos, Yanya played tracks from acclaimed debut album Miss Universe including opener “All In Your Head”, “Angels” and “Baby Blu”. Complimentary band members included a saxophonist, synth player, bassist and drummer who perfectly added to a live setup that was rightly synonymous to the record.

Appearing silhouetted against her dark surroundings, Yanya proudly announced: “We’ve played a lot of shows this week but there’s nothing like playing at home in London” before launching into “Heavyweight Champion Of The World”. Welcomed back for an encore and closing the show with “Tears”, Yanya played her music in it’s rawest form as a reminder that talent comes from the core and that sometimes nothing more is needed.

Nilüfer Yanya continues her Miss Universe Tour with dates around UK as well as festival appearances in the UK and Europe.

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