Live Report: Azealia Banks, KOKO, 25/01/2019

However, it’s hard not to mention Banks without acknowledging the previous spats she’s had with musicians, billionaires and most recently the Irish. And this show was no exception as it was her first show in the UK since 2015 after being dropped from a London festival appearance as a result of her comments about Zayn Malik.

Despite this, as she launched into her set with fan favourite “Luxury”, all the grudges the London audience may have held against her faded away. With breakneck speed, she sped through her discography veering from the chillingly cold bars of “Ice Princess” to the slinky 90s house of “Anna Wintour”- a smorgasbord of singing, rapping and screaming. It’s tracks like these that reveal the talent of Banks with her capacity to not only rap but also her stellar singing abilities putting the current crop of more mainstream rappers to shame.

This created an electrifying atmosphere at KOKO which culminated in her landmark hit “212” performed whilst brandishing a British flag as the crowd exploded in uninhibited glee. The papers can say whatever they want about Azealia Banks, but one thing they can’t fault is her unparalleled power to put on a show.

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