Lil Nas X swerves question about whether he likes Donald Trump

In a new interview for Noisey, Lil Nas X is asked a bunch of questions by some curious children. The children ask the “Old Town Road” rapper whether Billy Ray Cyrus’ teeth are real, and if Lil Nas X would rather fight 100 horses the size of ducks, or one duck the size of a horse – a question that obviously everyone’s been thinking about.

One child asks him what he wanted to do as a job when he was the child’s age, to which Lil Nas X answers, “I wanted to be a cardiovascular surgeon.”

Another child asks him if he likes Donald Trump, and Lil Nas X tries to deflect the question by quickly responding, “Next question.”

In another question, the rapper is asked if his nickname was “Lil Nas X” when he was younger. Lil Nas X revealed, “When I was little people used to call me Doobie.”

Lil Nas X is also asked if “Old Town Road” was made specifically for talent shows, to which he jokes, “Yes, I made “Old Town Road” specifically for talent shows.”

One of the children also launches a cowboy hat across the room and it lands on Lil Nas X’s head. Watch the fun interview below.

Lil Nas X is trying to get his next “Old Town Road” remix together, which might feature Dolly Parton or Mariah Carey.

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