Lex Audrey make indie interesting on immersive lead single “Winter II”

Vocalist Niklas Pichler delivers an otherworldy performance on the new track, whilst Patrick Pillichshammer wields drums and samples with equal pristine menace. The outfit is completed by Lukas Staudinger on synth and bass, providing “Winter II”‘s driving, mesmerising synth lines and swirling undercurrents. The overall effect is an immersive, ominous song rife in the unusual and atmospheric.

“Winter II” is the lead single to be taken from Lex Audrey’s upcoming album, No Intention Of Changing The World. Of the track’s message, the band remain cryptic, hinting only that it seeks to undermine a certain superficiality they have encountered in the world. “All they do is yell, and they‘re searching for attention without words, attention for hollow minds.”

No Intention Of Changing The World is out 8 February via LasVegas Records.

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