Kyle Dion – Suga | Album Review

The type of soul that emanates from Dion, however, is not delivered in a typical way. It is done in a way that is effortlessly cool and flows as if it is second nature. Dion’s debut album Suga is not soul that is simply recycled and reproduced. It is soul from a brand-new visionary.

Combining funk-infused soul with his irresistible falsettos, Dion creates an album that is truly remarkable. As we journey through the tale of Suga, a fictional character struggling with fame and stardom, we delve further into his creativity. Each song with a different complexity to uncover.

Seduction is an underlying theme throughout and, given the aforementioned slick falsettos, it comes as no real surprise. “Hands to Yourself” kicks this off impeccably, with its slow tempo sway and overtly suggestive lyrics. This lays in stark contrast with the loving and more sentimental type of seduction that bursts through the smouldering guitars of “Brown”. “Cherry Blossom” with its distorted and jazzy sounds is atmospheric and incredibly impactful.

Deeper vulnerabilities filter in at the halfway point. Latest single “Glass House” displays deep vulnerabilities as Suga feels the eyes of the world glaring in on him. “69 Camaro” is equally as emotional lyrically, but sugar coated with a flavoursome ’00s influence.

This is an album that is in its own league. Kyle Dion offers soulful R’n’B with added excitement told within the story of Suga, his smooth vocal narrating the multitude of feelings and emotions on display, resulting in a record to celebrate.

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