Keaton Mak – FaceTape [Album] @keatonmak1995

If you’re looking for a totally different pace in 2019 where dope lyrics, story telling, and intricate bars are a high priority in rap music look no further than Keaton Mak’s FaceTape. The FaceTape is a masterful project created solely by super producer/MC Keaton Mak. Mak uses abnormal sounds with dynamic bass and rock/trap drums to convey an eerie message about the stipulations that come along with street activity. In his intro song “Mass Shooter” he uses vigorous flows and tactical wordplay to convey a story that is gripping and compelling. Mak makes 18 songs flow smoothly with each track demanding your attention. The FaceTape has a cinematic vibe and rhythm to it that has become a lost art as it pertains to the production of a hiphop album. He uses clever skits to describe different scenarios that paint a picture of an animalistic archetype of the world that we live in today. He includes socially conscious ballads like “Sandra Bland” & “Racist” on the album to highlight the societal happenings of today and how they relate to an oppressed people. His inspiration comes from the traumatic experiences that he has endured throughout his life from his mother passing away when he was only 8 years of age to his brother becoming a drug addict. He even addresses his own battles with the law in “Fly by Night” where he details the intricacies of his recent arrest and being in a “jam” with one of his homies. All in all this project seeks to and succeeds at summing up the high caliber rapping style and production skills that Keaton Mak is equipped with. The FaceTape is a “True Album” and should only be mentioned with the likes of artist like 2Pac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, Outkast, Mobb Deep, and Rakim. 

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