Katy Perry ‘Never Really Over’ Music Video Behind the Scenes: Watch| Billboard

Last month, Katy Perry released her uplifting first solo track in two years, “Never Really Over,” and its healing-focused music video.

On Monday (June 17), the pop star gave fans a peek behind the curtain by releasing a video all about the making of the song’s visual. The clip shows Perry on set at the healing center in Malibu. “I go to a healing center to completely discard of any energy from past relationships,” she says in the clip. “Although that’s hard to do because when you’re in a relationship that’s real, they end up taking a piece of you and you can never get that piece back.”

“I’m about to enter through the healing gates and try and find that piece again,” she continues. The video then shows Perry and the actors partaking in “healing activities” and even a “purge” of negative energy under the full moon.

“Never Really Over” debuted at No. 15 on the Billboard Hot 100. Check out the behind-the-scenes below.

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