Junodream deftly paint a scenario both wistful and comical on “Terrible Things That Could Happen”

Detailing a couple’s one-way conversation during a car journey, there is a duality at play on “Terrible Things That Could Happen” that deserves to be lauded. Borrowing heavily from the psych-indie of ‘90s acts such as The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols, the guitars bounce as vocalist Dougal Gray opens with the line “I found my book on mental health / a conversation with myself”, laying the path for the perverse sense of realism, and often humour, the track hinges on.

This state is further typified by lyrics such as “if I had a stroke would you help me?”, as the subject of the monologue goes to striking lengths to win his partner’s attention. The fact the most enduring lyric (and ending line) of the track is “I’m sorry” tells you most of what you need to know, though you’d be wrong to dismiss “Terrible Things That Could Happen” as a track consumed by regret. There’s a whimsical undercurrent woven into its fabric, not mocking, but a reminder that this is a rounded experience, and so real life. And in real life the conversation, or at least the experience, is never truly one way.

Speaking on the forthcoming EP as a whole, the band said: “The Terrible Things That Could Happen EP details feelings of being disjointed, and gradually falling apart as a result. It’s not easy realising you’re in the middle of something rotten, especially when you don’t know what the problem is. Eventually you find yourself drifting away from someone you care about and the behaviour that comes to the surface can be kind of messed up. Hopefully, these tracks capture some of that”.

“Terrible Things That Could Happen” is out now, and the EP is due 12 April. Check them out on Facebook Find Junodream on Facebook.

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