Jayda G – Significant Changes

Recycling. Vegetarianism. These things all help – but what if music could be environmentally friendly, too? It may just sound like the title of a tedious TED Talk, but could it be turned into reality? Jayda G is here to test it out.

Jayda G’s debut album Significant Changes was actually inspired by her studies in Resource and Environmental Management, and the final thesis that loomed over her head. As she dissected her subject, this cautionary phrase of change kept recurring, like a beacon in a storm-ridden sea. Seeing that a shift was needed, what better way to change perceptions than by intertwining her love of science and the environment with her passion for old school house grooves?

On paper this sounds like a horrendous idea, but in reality it’s done so subtly that you might not even notice. It took more than a handful of listens to “Missy Know’s What’s Up” to realise the main vocal sample is talking about the conservation of whales. The thing that grabs you instantly is the Chicago house inspired bassline, thudding kick drum and captivating melody – not the underlying message.

Her debut is littered with interesting electronic experiments. “Unifying The Center (Abstract)” waddles and knocks, clatters and clanks throughout your head, whilst “Renewal (Hyla Mix)” smooths out the edges with its crystalline, broken beat. “Stanley’s Get Down (No Parking On The DF)” is a straight up party anthem, giving dancefloor chin-strokers worldwide their marching orders to make way for the dedicated dancers – the fans that Jayda G intended this album for.

This album might not save the world or slow down the steady decline of our rainforests, but perhaps it will raise a little awareness, bring a bit of hope, and create a whole lot of smiles for all of those that hear it.

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