It’s out with the haze and in with the grunge for Talkboy on latest track “All Works Out”

Whereas Talkboy‘s last release “Wasting Time” erred on the side of the folksy and sunbeamy, “All Works Out” shifts between post-punk guitars, rollicking drums and a hefty rhythm section enlaced with intimate, almost playful, vocals. In fact, Katie Heap and Calum Juniper’s vocal interplay is most pleasing to the ear, not only because it’s quite a rare thing in guitar bands (a shared female and male vocal) but because it’s a little flirtatious in its manner, drawing you in.

Centred around one of the age-old questions of how to support a loved one when the proverbial hits the fan, “All Works Out” is an ode to quite simply “showing up”, and a stark reminder that supporting someone doesn’t always have to involve having the answers, it can be as simple as just being there.

“As a band, it seems that we can only really write and play music about stuff that has happened to us or someone we care about,” say the band. “I think this song is a really good example of that. People go through stuff every day, sometimes it can be trivial stuff, other times it can be major. In any case, you can’t stop bad stuff happening to the people you like, but I think if you can just show up then that goes a little way to making it a little better.” And that’s a sentiment we could all do with remembering from time to time.

“All Works Out” is out today via Come Play with Me and LAB Records. Find Talkboy on Facebook.

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