Indie cowboy Orville Peck wrestles with resentment on new country classic “Turn To Hate”

It’s yet another beautiful ballad from the country crooner. Craving chaos and stability simultaneously, “Turn To Hate” is a wonderfully human record. Peck’s vocals ripple with emotional prowess as he casts aside the burden of love and life before riding into the scattering sunset.

Fearing heartache whilst wishing for your lover to leave quietly in the morning without a trace, it’s “essentially a song about the anxiety that comes with being on the outside of things,” Peck says. “Treading the line between existing as a loner but not letting that solitude turn into resentment. All that wrapped in a good ole’ country stomping barn-raiser!”

His voice is pained and dignified as the track trills with classic rock melodies and cascading drum beats, begging an unknown desert deity to refrain from turning his sorrow into hatred. It’s a wistful snapshot of life as a lone ranger, a masked silhouette of intrigue and danger cast against the night sky.

“Turn To Hate” is out now via Sub Pop, and his debut album Pony is released 22 March but available for pre-order now. Catch him live in London on 28 February at The Islington, 1 March at Servant Jazz Quarters and 2 March at The Shacklewell Arms. Find Orville Peck on Facebook.

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