HUNJIYA drops soul-pop hybrid “Give It/What I Get”

Born in South Korea and raised in New York, 21-year-old singer and producer Alice Kim, best known as HUNJIYA (hun-jee-yuh), enlightens with her latest iridescent piece “Give It/What I Get”.

Following her self-produced debut EP Lineage, the track reveals a creative individual using her skills to create a defiant yet delicate sound. Blending a unique mix of R&B with hints of soul and pop elements, “Give It/What I Get” highlights delicate guitar strings with warm, hazy synths.

According to HUNJIYA, her new track “is one of the more uplifting songs I wrote during a time where I felt like I was losing a sense of who I was. It was written to anyone who might be the type to give too much of themselves to others and don’t get enough in return.”

“Give It/What I Get” is a summery number juxtaposed with a warning that people will “eat you up” if you give too much of yourself to them. With an elegant soundscape and a confessional way with words, HUNJIYA has produced another pop-infused gem.

“Give It/What I Get” is out now. Find HUNJIYA on Facebook.

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