Hailey Bieber’s ’73 Questions’ Vogue Video: Watch

Hailey Bieber isn’t shy when asked some of the questions that fans of her and husband Justin have been dying to ask the newlyweds on Vogue’s popular “73 Questions” series.

On Friday (Feb. 8), the masterfully-choreographed Vogue segment — in which celebrities answer 73 questions (posed by creator and interviewer Joe Sabia) as they flow around a set space — featured the blond beauty, who spoke candidly about her relationship with pop star Justin Bieber.

A smiling Bieber greeted Sabia, and, much like her and Justin’s cover interview for Vogue’s March issue, revealed some intimate details about her recent marriage. For instance, the emoji they most use when texting each other is the “red heart,” she plans to wear “an off-white” wedding dress, and Justin proposed to her on a trip to the Bahamas.

“We were alone in a house, just the two of us. It was very special,” she said. When the interviewer asked if Justin went “the traditional route by asking permission from your dad,” aka actor Stephen Baldwin, the 22-year-old model smiled wide and said, “Yes, he did.”

She also gave fans some tidbits about herself, such as that she wakes up “around 9 or 10 a.m.,” the three words that best describe her (“you tell me”) and that she’d love to make a cameo in Grey’s Anatomy.

Watch the full interview in Vogue‘s “73 Questions” video below.

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