Globetrotting Swede Mags On Earth toys with regal melancholy on “TULIP STONE”

Singer, songwriter, and videographer Mags On Earth was born in Sweden, raised in Germany and now spends her time between London and Paris making tracks that fit her swirling, ethereal brand of pop music.

New single “TULIP STONE” sees Mags On Earth‘s measured vocal sinking into a rich bed of downtempo electronica. An itchy skitter of percussion pierces the veil-like haze of synths and reverb, transforming the track’s sweeping soundscapes into something unsettling and eerie. The singer tells how this new cut sprang from “wondering what else life could be looking like right now, and the pressure of spending your youth in a certain way and how time keeps passing.”

Unsurprisingly, “TULIP STONE” arrives accompanied by a self-made video. The visuals were, Mags says, inspired by a recent trip to Paris: “Paris has that authentic beauty and elegance that I strive for in my visuals, even in its less pretty parts,” she explains. “Paris is always Paris. To me it feels kind of faded in the colours, which really works well with the theme.”

“TULIP STONE” is the newest track to be taken from Mags On Earth’s Girl In The City EP, which dropped on 1 February. It features the Swede’s debut single, “Crybaby“, alongside four other brilliant new tracks.

Mags On Earth plays London’s Sebright Arms on 4 March.

“Tulip Stone” is out now.

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