Franklin Simpkins Interview @FrankyVibes

Your New Project is out tell us more about it.

  1. Well it isn’t out just yet it drops next Sunday January 6 but it’s a very heavy and personal piece that I needed to get off my chest. Being a recent college grad I really didn’t know where I wanted to go in life and what I wanted to do. I went through a lot this year lost family friends been done over by women I called myself loving and homies I called brothers. It just seemed like I was stuck in a Blues majority of 2018 and the only way I can find an escape was through music. So one day I sat down and wrote this project and I decided after that day no matter what I’m going to make it. Black Coupe Blues is a journey through my mind from my early doubts and weakness to my greatest triumphs and strengths. I peel every layer of me back so that by the end of the project the listener doesn’t just know Frank Vibes but also Franklin Simpkins.

What artist are you feeling right now.

Right now the artist I’m really feeling are JID, Saba, Reason, Noname, Jean Deaux, Supa Bwe, IDK, Smino, Mick Jenkins and many more but those are the ones that are getting primary rotation. I also see them as the biggest competition JID and Reason are two new faces that appeared on the scene and been killing it every minute I need to get on a track with these guys just to let them know yeah you dope but trust me my guy you ain’t safe I’m on your heels. Saba, Noname and the rest are what I call city pride being a kid from Chicago I’m really in-tune with our music scene and these guys kill it all the time I have to best them if I want to be the king in my neck of the woods.

Top 5 rappers of all time to you?

My top 5 rappers of all time is going to throw a lot of people off seeing how I’m only 22 but here it goes. 1: Tupac 2: Biggie 3: Big L 4: Rakim 5: DMX

Whats your next move?

My next move after I drop this project is shoot videos build an even heavier presence online and hopefully set up a tour by the summer. I got faith that this project is going to put me in a lot of peoples ears and favorite up and coming rapper list.

Tell the people where they can find your music and you online.

If you looking for my music it’s all on SoundCloud as Frank Vibes I got two three track EPs on there you guys would love called Two Time Franky and The Disrespectful there nun to flashy just showing off my command of flow lyrics and charisma. You can also find me on all social media IG: @vibeowt Twitter: @FrankyVibes FB: Frank Vibes Snapchat: Fas411 hit me up on any and all platforms I’m always down for good conversation or new ideas for later releases. One more thing before I go Drip is dead it’s Swank Season #FreeVibes!!!!!

Check Frank out on Soundcloud and also check out the “Disrespectful EP”

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