Francis Lung lets his imagination run wild on new single “I Wanna Live In My Dreams”

The Manchester musician’s new single is the first to be released since signing to Memphis Industries. It was recorded at the city’s Low Four Studios with producer Brendan Williams (Dutch Uncles, Go Go Penguin).

Expanding on the new offering, he says, “The song is an homage to The Ronettes – written when I was in love with sleeping and found it very hard to do much else. There are obvious allusions to suicide here and eternal sleep, but to me it’s more about an alternate reality than being death-obsessed.”

“I Wanna Live In My Dreams” arrives with animated visuals created by Francis Lung himself, featuring a charatcer called “Ghostface”.

On the new video, he explains, “Ghostface is a character I’ve been drawing for years, but I’ve never been quite sure why. I thought it would be nice to give him some purpose by creating this story about him. I’ve never made anything like this before but for some foolish reason I thought it would be a good idea to spend four months of my life learning how to animate. It’s a combination of stop motion, keyframe and hand-drawn animation and it’s made up of thousands upon thousands of frames. I nearly pulled out all my hair making it.”

Francis Lung’s new single is the first new material from the musician since his 2016 EP Vol. 2.

“I Wanna Live In My Dreams” is out now. Francis Lung plays London’s Sebright Arms on 30 March. Find out more.

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