Francis Lung announces debut album with lead single “2 Real”

“2 Real” is Lung’s first offering since February’s “I Wanna Live In My Dreams“, which also features as the opening track on his forthcoming record.

Speaking about the new single, Francis Lung says, “”2 Real” is a song about finding and losing yourself and how interchangeable those two feelings are. the video was filmed and directed by skate cinematographer Jim Craven whose work on films like Land and Island is equal parts impressionistic, raw and elegant. It features Heroin skateboards’ pro skater Tom Day, my band-mate Coralie and myself driving through Lincolnshire, England skating riverside ditches, satellite dishes as well as Tom’s homemade skatepark outside his static caravan in the countryside.”

Expanding on his debut album, he says, “Before we started recording I knew exactly what the arrangements were in my head. It was kind of my mission to capture everything as it was in my imagination.”

A Dream 2 U represents the feelings felt through a relationship. Adding more on the context, Francis Lung expands, “The problem with that theme is that it was too cut & dry and unrealistic. You can have all of those feelings in one day in no particular order. It’s more human to me that emotions can come at any time, without any real resolution. I wanted the album to reflect that sentiment.”


  1. I Wanna Live In My Dreams
  2. 2 Real
  3. Do Ya
  4. Comedown
  5. Unnecessary Love
  6. A Dream Is U
  7. I Do Believe In U
  8. Up & Down
  9. Invisible
  10. The Lie
“2 Real” is out now. A Dream 2 U lands 2 August via Memphis Industries. Francis Lung plays London’s Old Blue Last on 23 October. Find out more.

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