Elder Island deliver a creatively-weaved crescendo with new track “I Fold You”

The track is a low-key build-up of imaginative layers of ecclesiastical Hammond organ and pulsing 80s synths. Katy Sargent’s intimate and potent vocal trail-blazes the ascension, which culminates with a bewitching snippet of her cello playing.

After recently finishing their first headline tour, Elder Island have announced a second set of European and North American dates to coincide with their album release, including a stop-off at SXSW.

“It was a difficult song to get just right,” said Elder Island. “By adding too much early on, the track became overcomplicated, taking something away from the power in the vocal. In the end the simple accompaniment of the Hammond organ, and building everything else in gradually, created the atmosphere we were looking for.”

“I Fold You” is out now. Find Elder Island on Facebook.

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