Dua Lipa’s #10YearChallenge Video: Watch Her Sing Alicia Keys Song as a Kid

If you were looking for the most adorable #10YearChallenge post, it has arrived.

On Tuesday (Jan. 15), Dua Lipa posted a video to Instagram in which her younger self — presumably around 13 years old, since she’s now 23 — sings Alicia Keys’ “No One.” The video appears to be taken at some sort of school function, maybe a talent show, and the now-world-famous pop star gets some pretty great feedback from the audience for nailing the high notes of the chorus, as she shyly smiles at the applause.

The singer didn’t exactly follow the unwritten rules of the #10YearChallenge, which asks participants to share side-by-side photos of themselves a decade ago and today, but we all know what Dua Lipa looks like now, so we’ll take it. “My 10 year challenge… well almost –,” she captioned the video.

Dua Lipa just nabbed four nominations at next month’s Brit Awards, and is also up for her first two Grammy Awards at the Feb. 10 ceremony.

Watch the adorable video of the pre-fame pop star below:

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