Dominique Tey lets her guard down on gorgeously honest new offering “Every Part”

Having previously been a member of Nordic outfit MAASAI, Tey first outlined her own creative intentions last year. Her first solo effort caught our attention back in June and she impressed us with her uniquely captivating brand of sultry R&B. With her first offering of 2019, the wonderful “Every Part”, she only seeks to up the stakes once again.

“Every Part” is a track that elegantly swims through the contradictory emotions that come with letting yourself fall in love. Yet, rather than concentrating on the lust and blazing passion of a new found love, or all the glory of the honeymoon period, Tey puts the vulnerability and fear that comes with it under the microscope.

She flawlessly explores the anxiety of messing up before you’ve really got going with poetic ease, and when partnered with the intricate beats and Tey’s devastatingly pure vocal delivery, it makes for perfectly entrancing listening.

Speaking on the meaning behind the song, Tey says “‘Every Part’ is about the person you’d walk through fire for, that you’d feel lost without. That kind of love is usually very powerful yet makes you the most fragile. It’s about the fear of losing the one that makes everything make sense.”

“Every Part” is out now via Toothfairy Label and available to listen to on Spotify.

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