Danger Zone – Lyrical Massacre (Feat Don Tex and Curt Mcgurt) [Video] @Dangerzone2014

All I fear: The 2nd chance Edition is the upcoming 2nd album by Austin,Texas rapper Danger Zone. The album will be released on January 22nd, 2019 through Validation Music Group to celebrate Danger Zone’s younger Cousin Rome Henderson’s 2nd chance at life through a heart transplant. 13 year old cousin Rome Henderson lives in Austin. In december she checked into dell’s children’s hospital after informing the family that she was having difficulties breathing, Rome was born with a heart defect. Doctors said at some point she would need a heart transplant but they weren’t sure when. On Christmas eve Rome was transferred to Children’s health hospital in Dallas. Thanks to Dr. Vivian Dimas, Childrens in Dallas is one of just a few Children’s hospitals in the entire country with a machine called the Impella catheter, commonly used for adults with failing hearts (Super expensive and hard to retrofit for children). Dr Dimas knew that as soon as she saw Rome, and saw that the left side of her heart has stopped working, Rome needed to be hooked up to the machine immediately. The impella basically acts as the pump that your heart cant be. With no donor heart found, Rome’s right side of her heart started failing. Her family was told to prepare for the worst. Then came New Year’s Day and wonderful news from Romes Doctor. On January 1st, 2017 Rome Henderson Received a successful Heart transplant. Rome is currently back in Austin and is doing better than ever.

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Danger Zone – Lyrical Massacre (Feat. Don Tex and Curt Mcgurt)https://youtu.be/pDJvDTDISeo

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