DA PUMP’s ‘Fabulous’ New Video For ‘Sakura’: Watch

DA PUMP shared the new music video and promotional clip for “Sakura” (“Cherry Blossoms”), the group’s follow-up single to last year’s mega-hit “U.S.A.”

The seven-member vocal and dance unit performed the song live for the first time on the long-running TV program Music Station on Jan. 18, and some stand-out phrases such as “sakura fabulous” and “shogai fabulous” — “shogai” meaning “life” or “lifelong,” in English — have already caught the attention of fans and have been trending on Japanese Twitter.

“U.S.A.” was DA PUMP’s comeback single and became one of the biggest hits of last year due to its perfect balance of quirky and cool.

While continuing in the dance-music vein, “Sakura” features an array of Japan-related imagery, including cherry blossoms in full bloom, samurai, kimono and Mt. Fuji, used to depict what can be interpreted as the group’s determination to stay “fabulous” despite the uncertainties of life — and the music business, as the group probably knows all too well.

The music video focuses on the group’s dynamic and fluid dancing against a lush backdrop expressing the changing seasons in nature and in the city. The “U.S.A.” dance took Japan by storm last year, and “Sakura” also features a fun detail, the so-called “sakura fingers” inspired from the shape of cherry blossoms.

DA PUMP’s “Sakura” drops March 6.

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