Brooklyn-based duo TOLEDO channel riding with the windows down on “Some Samurai”

TOLEDO is the result of two lifelong friends: Daniel Alvarez de Toledo & Jordan Dun-Pilz, whose love for music and each other translates beautifully through serene harmonies and guitar lines that lift the arrangement of “Some Samurai”, along with candid lyrics that add to the track’s relatable charisma.

The track is accompanied by an equally charming and lo-fi video of the twosome spending nostalgic time together eating cereal out of the box and gleefully frolicking in a playground, while cut scenes see a fragmenting relationship. “Mystery Girl struggles to see eye to eye with her boyfriend, TOLEDO,” say the band. “Can TOLEDO turn things around and save the relationship before it’s too late?! Tune in to maybe find out.”

“Some Samurai” and Hotstuff are out now. Find Toledo on Facebook.

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