Brighton punk quartet Guru drop raucous powerhouse “Fixation”

Drenched in distorted guitars, punchy percussion and that classic raw post-punk energy, “Fixation” hits you like a speeding juggernaut from the very first note. Imposing, biting vocals growl over storming instrumentation, with vocalist Tommy Cherrill’s unmistakably British accent injecting the track with an aura reminiscent of the influential punk artists who spearheaded the genre back in the 70s.

Thundering basslines amplify the brutal nature of the track, coalescing with the rest of the already colossal instrumentation to fill the track with tireless fiery energy. The assertive tone of “Fixation” increases throughout, building to an intense and crushing crescendo as the track comes to an abrupt halt.

Describing the meaning behind the track, Cherrill explains: “Lyrically I’ve focused on the irreconcilable nature of some relationships I’ve failed to repair from earlier years of my life. I realised I wasn’t alone in having these botched relationships and so began writing the verses from the third person as an imagined narrator of others who have fallen out. Sometimes things just don’t work out and I’m not making a judgement call on whether that’s a good thing or not, we just wanted to write a bloody number one for the Billboard Hot 100, ha!”

“Fixation” is out now and they play 3 May at The Finsbury and 16 May at Bermondsey Social Club. Find more tour dates on Guru’s Facebook.

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