Brighton-based collective LOYAL “Crave It Still” on their joyful disco anthem

Flitting sporadically between genres, the track is brimming with conscious creativity. Glossy synth beats bounce across the single’s surface, combining colourful splashes of R&B with heady energetic vocals.

The rolling drum beat and syncopated guitar rhythms are infectiously groovy, a disco-pop hybrid glimmering with sunny synths. With the track’s opening melody it’s clear that the group have succeeded in creating a feel-good anthem.

Forming LOYAL in 2016, James Day, Laurence Allen and Alex Cowan began to expand their line up when they teamed up with fellow Brighton musician Beth Molly Moore. The collaboration was a creative success, with the trio now functioning as an artistic outfit incorporating seven members.

“’Crave It Still’ started as a poem,” say the band, “a stream of consciousness about craving nothing in particular; maybe a lost love, a drug, a partner you shouldn’t be with but can’t help going back to.”

“We held the poem in our back-pocket for a while, then eventually fashioned the New York disco sound while we were on our first-ever writing trip to the city itself. We recorded in a beautiful studio tucked away in an industrial park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, alongside some fantastic local writers and musicians. They laid out a killer foundation, all New York, and we built from there.”

“Crave It Still” is out now, with their EP “Patterns That Fall” available from 26 April. Find LOYAL on Facebook.

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