Bitch Is Back With Empowering Feminist Anthem ‘New Year’: Watch

Queercore musician Bitch is back with a fun and catchy feminist anthem that is a departure from her original alternative and folky sound during her early Bitch and Animal days. The track, titled “New Year,” is an upbeat dance song that is all about female power, letting go, and forgiveness.

The song was written as an ode to female empowerment, all while disrupting language that is heavily centered on building up men. To help hammer this idea home, Bitch also used an all-female cast in the music video for the song, all of which are united alongside her while she exclaims “I’m the woman” in the track’s chorus.

“New Year’ is about empowerment,” Bitch said. “It’s about claiming who you are, and letting go of patterns that no longer serve you.”

In addition to being an empowering track, the song was a cathartic experience for Bitch. On New Year’s Eve, the singer was writing down all the things she wanted to let go of before 2019. Eventually, this led to the creation of the song, which allowed her to address and relinquish any negativity she was holding onto for so long.

“I was ripping the pages out and throwing them into the fire, and that led to the first stanza: this idea of wanting to forgive everything that’s harmed me,” Bitch said.

Watch the video for “New Year” below:

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