Betty Who delivers huge pop track “I Remember”

In November 2018, Betty Who announced her third album Betty, and revealed lead single “Between You & Me”.

Now the Australian pop icon is back with new single “I Remember”, which is produced by Peter Thomas & Kyle Moorman.

Expanding on the track, Betty Who says, “”I Remember” is exactly the way I wanted to start my new year. It’s such a representation of the album and my obsession with making music that makes people feel good. The whole point of the song is about letting go of how hard life (and especially love) can be at times and remembering why you do it in the first place. Love is never going to be perfect. Sometimes it will be easy, most times it will be hard, but all the time it’s worth it because, when you’re with the right person, you are willing to work for it.”

Last year Betty Who revealed her five-track Betty, Pt. 1 EP, featuring “Taste“, which appears on Betty Who’s upcoming album alongside other singles “Just Thought You Should Know“, and “Ignore Me“.

Expanding on her forthcoming record, Betty Who says, “Betty is my first independent album. It’s confident, it’s emotionally diverse, I basically just made the music I wished I could listen to. Every song on the record has a purpose and heart and its own identity.”

“I Remember” is out now. Betty lands on 15 February. Betty Who will be performing at Kesha’s Weird & Wonderful Rainbow Ride cruise festival the same month. Find out more.

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