Bethany Cosentino reveals Best Coast will be recording their next album in 2019

The endearing end of year list revealed Cosentino’s best memories of 2018. Celebrating one year sober topped the list, shortly followed by Cosentino’s appreciation for Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy and Kacey Musgraves’ Golden Hour records.

Cosentino’s Twitter thread also included more personal statement from the vocalist, “my life was fucking miserable not too long ago + I did not ever think I could be as happy as I am today. I owe it all to working incredibly hard on myself. I didn’t do this alone. Therapy helped, a program of recovery helped, my friends helped. 2018 was gnarly in the best way.”

The voice of Best Coast then went on to share that a new body of work will be in progress next year, “We’re recording a new album in 2019 and you’ll get to hear all about my journey.”

Work on their new album will begin nearly four years after the release of their third album California Nights. Their last single was 2016’s festive release “Christmas And Everyday

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