Bel Aviv’s future looks bright with optimistic indie anthem “Sun & Air”

Bel Aviv formed out of the New York City indie rock trio Demander, with Karen Kanan Corrêa on vocals and bass and Sivan Harlap on drums. Although their debut self-produced track “Sun & Air” is released as a stand-alone single, after sharing stages with Frightened Rabbit it seemed a natural move for Bel Aviv to team up with guitarist and keyboardist Andy Monaghan on the production of their forthcoming debut EP.

The swirling, soaring “Sun & Air” is an anthemic Chairlift-esque indie banger with the fresh summery vibes of optimism that we’re craving at this time of the year. “Sun & Air is about change and changing your mind,” explains Bel Aviv’s Karen Kanan Corrêa. “It’s an end-of-year re-directional positivity anthem.”

“Essentially, it’s break-up beach music,” the band says. “The vision for this music is really kind of somewhere between Beach House and mid-eighties “Love Cats”-era The Cure – upbeat and summery, but always with a kind of melancholy/darkness that you can still feel. It’s more like lonely late summer jams. Like maybe you just broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend and you need to escape… So you’re driving alone to the beach, or to meet a friend in the city, while the sun is setting… and you’re not feeling crushed, you’re actually kind of zen about it, and you want to feel better, but not like “Firework” better, more like “Nothing But Flowers” better. That’s the vibe.”

“Sun & Air” is out tomorrow. Find Bel Aviv on Facebook.

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