BE GOOD’s “Not Waking Up” is a hazy wonky-pop tale of disconnection and rebirth

Opening with mellow, atmospheric instrumentation, “Not Waking Up” cultivates a chilled ambience before woozy, glitching synths breeze in, ebbing and flowing around funky drum beats.

The buoyant, fuzzy guitar solo and warm, easy-going vocals feel as though the initial disorientation has been shaken off, paving the way for a calmer air that sees “Not Waking Up” through to the end, reflecting on the notion of rebirth that the track touches on.

BE GOOD‘s new track is accompanied by a video that was shot predominantly in slow motion, the imagery complimenting the groggy, post-party haziness that inspired the narrative of the track.

“The song is about the time I woke up on New Year’s Day covered in soot because I’d slept in a fireplace at a house party – the prick who was having the party wouldn’t let me sleep anywhere else,” frontman Ash Cooke says. “Crawling out of the fireplace the next day felt strangely like a rebirth. In the end the track ended up touching on themes of disconnection and renewal, but you can really just take it as a groggy party anthem for the sleep-deprived”.

“Not Waking Up” is out today along with their debut EP God Of Nowhere. Find BE GOOD on Facebook.

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