Bat For Lashes uploads hotline number ahead of releasing new music

Earlier this week Bat For Lashes teased the date “10/06” for new music. While at first it wasn’t clear whether that meant 10 June or 6 October, now it seems more likely her new music is landing next week.

In a new post on socials, Bat For Lashes has uploaded a new hotline for followers to call over a synth-driven melody that we’re hoping is a tiny taster of her new music.

Natasha Khan, aka Bat For Lashes, has been relatively quiet since releasing The Bride back in 2016, but she did team up with Simone Felice and Four Tet last year for collaborative single “The Projector“.

Check back on 10 June to find out if there’s new music. Follow Bat For Lashes on Instagram.

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