Baker Grace continues on her upward trajectory with silky pop ballad “Handcuffs”

As she builds up to the release of her highly anticipated upcoming EP entitled Girl, I Know, Baker Grace unveils another side to her slick songwriting skill with the charming, piano-led ballad “Handcuffs”.

Having made music since she was only fourteen, it was the immediate pop potency of previous single “Numb“, a song that is speckled with irresistible pop hooks and a soaring chorus, that Baker Grace proved that she was a rising pop figure with true gravitas.

With “Handcuffs”, the eighteen-year-old shows that she has no intention of lowering her standards any time soon. It’s a song that shows the emerging songwriter’s maturity and evolving outlook of what is going on in the world around her, as she says: “‘Handcuffs’ is about a loss of innocence. Realising that I’m not sheltered from the dangerous parts of humanity, I felt helpless and unsafe at a time where random violence acts were blasted on screens and seemed to take place everywhere. I wrote a song that says maybe I can’t stop it from happening but I will not be a part of it, I will put my hands up, spread kindness, and always choose love hoping others will do the same.”

With its opulent piano motif and immaculate production, it’s also a song where Baker Grace perfectly demonstrates her ability to build stellar melodies with a cinematic tinge and you can already hear it soundtracking the most emotional scene in the next big Hollywood blockbuster. Be sure to bring your tissues, because this one is going to get you right where it hurts.

Girl, I Know will be released on 17 May.

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